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Brett UnderwoodBRETT UNDERWOOD – Executive Publisher/Advertising Director
A veteran in the publishing industry, Brett Underwood has a long history in the advertising world and his love of the sport of drag racing knows no bounds. A true fan, you can count on him to be in the middle of the action at all times.

John DiBartolomeoJOHN DiBARTOLOMEO – Editorial Director
An active competitor in the sportsman/bracket racing ranks, John DiBartolomeo was in fact the very first winner of what is now the NHRA Summit Bracket Finals back in 1976. The eventual multi-time NHRA national, divisional and bracket racing event winner has parlayed his knowledge of the sport and his business acumen in bringing to light stories which have an extreme relevance to both readers and advertisers alike.

Jon AsherJON ASHER – Senior Editor
For a lot longer than he might care to think about, Jon Asher has used his knowledge and common sense thinking in the publishing/drag racing world for the greater good. The former editor of a number of drag racing publications, he’s not afraid to tell it like it is even when he witnesses a wrong. It’s all in his desire to see the sport he loves rise to great heights.

Richard BradyRICHARD BRADY – Senior Editor
As a former National Dragster and divisional event photographer, Richard Brady has traveled the country from one end to the other in the search for that perfect photograph. Beginning taking photographs as a 12-year old in 1957, Brady’s photography skills have been in demand throughout the years. Now retired and living in the wide open spaces of Wyoming, he has also turned his camera toward outdoor scenery, but still prefers the smell of nitro, burnouts and the sounds of engines.

Dave MilcarekDAVE MILCAREK – Senior Editor
Never let it be said that Dave Milcarek doesn’t have an imagination. A professional photographer for most of his life, his artistic skills behind the lens in the days way before computer-generated photographs has taught him well. Skills that he continues to use today in the world of digital photography.

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