Who Won What? - This Week's Rambling

Off to Pomona this week for the final race of the NHRA season and maybe see some history made. If Steve Torrence goes on to win the Top Fuel title in Pomona, it’ll make six wins in six races in a row, all of them in the Countdown. He was crowned the World Champ last week in Vegas because no one has the mathematical chance to beat him.

However, if he doesn’t win this week, does it dampen any talk of his domination so far this year? Does going perfect in the Countdown put him in the same light as the 1972 Miami Dolphins who went 14-0 and still remain as the only perfect season in NFL history? Oh sure, the 2007 New England Patriots went 18-0 only needing the Super Bowl win to become the only team to go perfect at 19-0. But the New York Giants (my Giants, LOL who admittingly suck this year) rained on the Patriots parade, defeating them 17-14. Does that make the Patriots season any less meaningful?

And speaking of perfect seasons, we also have to mention Sean Bellemeur’s Top Alcohol Funny Car season where he won each of the allotted races earning him the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series TAFC Championship by going perfect. I can only remember Doug Doll’s 2016 season where he went perfect in all allotted races to earn the Comp Championship in Charlie Greco’s dragster. Incidentally, Greco sold that car to the Aragona’s after that season and this year, Frank Aragona Jr. earned his second Comp championship in the same car. Still to be settled this week in Pomona will be the Super Comp Championship where Steve Williams is hanging on to a slim lead.

Speaking of perfect, there were probably some other championship battles in other sanctioning bodies where the champ went perfect, not losing a single round all year. If you know what they were, please let me know.

And speaking of “let me know what they were,” why doesn’t other sanctioning bodies get the notoriety like the NHRA or Lucas Oil series? At the very least in today’s social media world, it ought to be easy to find out who won and where. Of course, that’s the subject of my next editorial in the January print edition of Drag Racing Edge. Please subscribe to receive them all delivered right to your door by a government employee (U.S. Post Office).

Just got a look at Michael Beard’s Loose Rocker Master Schedule - http://www.looserocker.com/wp-content/uploads/master_schedule19.pdf. It’s a list of all the races in 2019 and it must have been quite a job to build the list. But looking at it, there are sure a lot of big events happening every weekend of next year some place in the country. Now it would be nice if we had a unified place to see “who won and where.”