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john dibartolomeoThe famous quote in sports is “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” While that may be true, as far as drag racing is concerned, there are a lot of other things too; family, friends, enjoyment of the ride, etc. So of course, winning isn’t everything, but it sure makes the experience fun.

richard bradyOver the years I lived in Indianapolis, I became good friends with the whole Glidden family, Bob, Etta, Billy and Rusty. To this day, I am still enthralled with their dedication and openness.

john dibartolomeoEven though elapsed times have plummeted over the years, it’s taking longer to run events than ever before. And it seems like drag racing is the only one not concerned.

richard bradyIt's interesting to me that I start out with a main subject for this column each issue but the road takes a turn after picking up a few old photos. My mind seems to wander as each of which have a story to tell. These b&w shots from the Gatornationals did exactly that for me this issue.

john dibartolomeoAre you kidding me? Is bracket racing broke? I don’t think so. But it sure has changed over the years.

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